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5 of the Best Storage Drawers for College

Switching to a dorm room from your bedroom is not a comfortable upgrade and the issue becomes severe when you are sharing the tiny space with someone else which leaves very little space for yourself to sleep, live and studySetting up a dorm room is not difficult but making the tiny space useful in every possible way is not effortless either. Apart from making the dorm room cozy as well as a productive study space, there is a common need to effectively store all the necessities in a meager space to keep it livable.

Storage drawers for dorm rooms are very important as it can help sort items according to a category, reduce clutter, and make the dorm look spacious. Keeping in mind the essential factors for your storage organizer to have, there’s no other rule to dorm room organizing. Maximizing the tiny dorm room space without blowing the budget is pretty tough, but there are a number of items you can getThe quality, material used, size, items that we want to store, price – everything needs to be considered according to the place you’re getting this for. Weeding through a lot of pieces that are lacking in functionality or durability is what everyone has to go through to find the right furniture. To avoid cluttering and avoiding causing a mess, there is a need for perfect storage to keep everything organized. Finding the right storage furniture to make the best use of every square foot of the room can be a bit of a challenge. 

Since space horizontally is already too small in a dorm room, storage drawers that utilize the vertical space would be the best choice to maximize the living area and utilize the vertical space to its full potential. The other factors that need consideration before buying a storage drawers unit for a dorm are weight, height, width, quality, and price. The storage drawers that are lightweight and made in a way that makes it easy to move and portable get the priority. The height of the storage drawer unit should be taller because the students living in dorms have to utilize as much space vertically as possible and the width should be smaller for the storage unit to sit without occupying too much space. 

The quality of the storage unit should be good enough for it to last a few years. The price of the storage drawers for the dorm must be affordable because in the dorm, the functionality of a storage unit is more important than fancy designs and generally students have tighter budgets meaning less money to spend. To help you all further with making the right storage decision, we have researched and found out the best storage drawers for dorm dwellers that fulfill all the storage needs and wants, while trying our best to consider budget. Now all you need is a few minutes to check the best storage drawers for dorm rooms and make the final purchase decision! 

IRIS 7 Stacking Drawer for Dorm

Product Link: Click here 

IRIS Stacking Drawers are a very convenient and flexible storage solution for small spaces. The drawers are stackable and come in various sizes and colors. One can choose from units of varying sizes to make a customized modular storage system that matches his needs. Multiple drawer units of varying sizes can be stacked for custom needs. The IRIS Stacking drawers feature a modern classic design. 

IRIS Stacking Drawers are stackable so it’s great for utilizing as much vertical space as possible by making the stack of drawers taller instead of wider. It has a built-in organizer top for accessibility. IRIS Stacking Drawers have clear drawers. The clear drawers make identifying the items inside easy. Options for 17 quart vs a smaller 7 quart are available, so you can pick the size you need.

The dimensions of IRIS Stacking Drawers are 14.25″L x 12.05″W x 8.39″H. The drawers are made of plastic and can hold up to 5 pounds each. There are both shallow and deep drawers. The shallow drawers have a weight capacity of 2.5 pounds and the deep drawers have a weight capacity of 10 pounds. The drawers have a built-in handle for easy opening. The drawer movement is smooth and there are stops installed that prevent the drawer from falling out of the frame and causing accidents. 

This IRIS stacking drawer is one of the best storage drawers for the dorm because it makes organizing clothes, books, stationeries to bathroom essentials, and shoes – anything easier. The weight of this storage drawer is only 2.2 pound and has wheels underneath that makes it easy to move and relocate. These features are great for a dorm room. There’s no assembly required for this item as well. Multiple sizes of drawers can be stacked together which makes satisfying the custom needs of everyone easy. The price of the item is pretty affordable. The quality is good and the product is said to be worth the price. This is one of the best storage drawer options to consider for a dorm student.


  1. Easy open drawers 
  2. Built-in handles
  3. Four color options
  4. No assembly required
  5. Drawer stop for preventing open drawers from falling out
  6. Clear drawers make it easier to identify what’s inside.
  7. Four color options to choose from
  8. Multiple numbers of drawer options
  9. Stacks on top of each other
  10. Different sizes of drawers can be stacked together for different custom needs
  11. Affordable
  12. Wheels can be unattached.


SONGMICS Closet Drawers for Dorm 

Product Link: Click here

 This SONGMICS 3-Tier Closet Drawer is a great choice to easily tame the mess and bring back the tidy feeling anywhere. This drawer can be a good alternative to a regular bulky dresser for its great functionality. This SONGMICS 3-Tier Closet Drawer is crafted with a wooden tabletop and metal frame that makes the dresser stable and durable. The SONGMICS Closet Drawer can hold up to 66 pounds.

The closet drawer set is made of fabric and rigid metal. The iron frames offer stability and stable support for the soft fabric boxes. The drawer is easy to assemble and very lightweight thus easy to move. It has 6 spacious drawers that you can sort items by type. It offers a great saving storage unit. 

The material of the SONGMICS Closet Drawer is Medium Density Fiberboard, Iron, Non-Woven Fabric, Oxford Fabric. The product size measurement is 31.5″L x 11.8″W x 24.8″H (80 x 30 x 63 cm). 

The SONGMICS organizer drawer comes in many different sizes, shapes, and e different colors. There is a suitable option for everyone. The drawers are very deep and can hold quite a lot of things. The static load capacity of each drawer is 6.6 lb (3 kg). The static load capacity of the tabletop is 33 lb (15 kg). This piece has a hard, sturdy top that can be used for storing items. Overall, it’s a well-constructed product. This 3-Tier Closet drawer is pretty small. It’s perfect for smaller spaces and the price is pretty affordable making it suitable for students living in dorms. For storing clothes, throwing random essentials, school, and desk storage stuff inside, this is very useful. The drawers are great for storing paper, magazines apart from clothes. It’s pretty looking and easy to maintain too, wipe it with a wet cloth and it’s effortlessly clean. 


  1. various sizes and shapes available
  2. Easy to assemble, takes around 20-25 minutes to put together
  3. Well-constructed unit
  4. Great alternative to big, bulky dressers
  5. Lightweight
  6. Study and sleek aesthetically pleasing design
  7. Comes in white and light grey
  8. Rounded corners for safety
  9. Screw-in leveling feet for adjusting level and to protect the floor
  10. Comes with wall attachment
  11. Great value for the price.


KINWELL Extra Wide Fabric Storage Organizer for Dorm

Product Link: Click here

KINWELL Extra Wide Fabric Storage Organizer focuses on convenience and durability. This fabric drawer dresser is made of ECO-friendly natural materials. It is made of a reliable, sturdy metal frame and durable MDF wood top, high-quality linen has been used for the front side of the drawers and breathable non-woven synthetic fabric used for other sides. Stability has been enforced with a set of X elastic strap in the back of the dresser. Unlike similar products, KINWELL extra wide fabric storage organizer has a 2mm MDF board as the bottom and front to prevent sag instead of paper board. This quality makes the product stand out very well. Plastic handles on the drawers make a slide in and out easier than ever. The structure of the whole dresser is made to be long-lasting furniture for smart storing purposes. KINWELL Extra Wide Fabric Storage Organizer also comes in many different colors and sizes to cater to custom needs.

KINWELL Extra Wide Fabric Storage Organizer is a multipurpose drawer unit. It can be easily fit in daily circumstances. The installation process of this storage organizer is hassle-free. A detailed manual guide and the hardware is included in the packaging. All we need to do to install this is gathering a little energy to fasten some screws. 

It takes about an hour to put together. The drawers are deep and suitable for storing clothes. The nice wooden top shelf can be used to store things on. Overall, the price is a little higher but the quality is worth it. It is one of the best storage drawers for the dorm. 


  1. Great value for money
  2. Plastic handle on fabric drawers
  3. Fresh and natural pastoral style
  4. Adjustable feet
  5. Extra wide storage unit
  6. MDF bottom at the bottom and front to prevent sag
  7. Offers stability and durability

Sorbus Nightstand with 7 Drawers – Bedside Furniture & Accent End Table Chest for College Dorm

Product Link: Click here 

Sorbus Nightstand with 7 drawers does not take much space but has great storage capacity. This nightstand measures approximately 25” L x 11.87” W x 28.75” H.

The design is stylish as well as functional with a small dresser chest, complete with a wooden surface and storage drawers. This storage drawer comes with both large and small sizes of drawers. The wood top provides a hard surface for displaying items like lamps, alarm clocks, toiletries, gadgets, accessories, blankets, linens, cosmetics, hair/beauty products, baby clothes, lingerie, socks, paperwork, toys, blankets, knitting supplies, etc. This nightstand is suitable for a college dorm or any small apartment for its small size but better-storing capacities. The design complements most décor whether traditional, rustic, or modern. 

Sorbus Nightstand with 7 drawers has removable and foldable drawers. The material of the drawer is breathable, non-woven soft fabric that is also easy to wipe clean. The frames are made with strong steel and durable MDF wood has been used to create the top with a smooth finish. The nightstand needs assembly. Hardware and instruction manual are included. The drawers are removable and foldable. It has an easy pull handle for quiet opening and closing. The removable drawers can be folded flat for easy storage when not in use which helps to save space as well. The entire nightstand is very lightweight, portable, and easy to relocate to different spaces. These features have made us choose the nightstand as one of the best storage drawers for the dorm. The most attractive thing about these drawers is two sizes of drawers. Two sizes of drawers make it easy to keep small things separately and make the small things to get located easily and keep effortlessly organized. 


  1. Wood top provides a hard surface for display storage 
  2. Removable and foldable drawers
  3. Portable and lightweight
  4. Easy to relocate
  5. Two sizes of drawers
  6. Deep drawers, made of non-woven fabric
  7. Built-in handles
  8. Minimal assembly required
  9. Comes in multiple different designs
  10. Lightweight


Nafenai Plastic Drawers Dresser, Storage Cabinet with 6 Drawers for Dorm

Product Link: Click here

Nefani Plastic Drawers are spacious storage drawers with an overall dimension of 23.62″W x 15.74″D x 39″ H. These modern and elegant looking storage drawers are great for dorm rooms. The storage drawers are spacious. The Nefani Plastic dresser is made of high-grade PP plastic, which is a safe material of environmental protection, health, and durability.

Overall, it is a sturdy dresser. It is lightweight and waterproof making it easy to move and clean. The storage cabinet has wheels installed making it easier to move anywhere. Which is a good feature for tight dorm spaces. The organizer features 4 large drawers and top 2 small cabinets locker(with keys), 6 drawers for large storage space. So, there is a need to get a different locker for storing private things in the dorm room. The drawers have easy pull-on handles with drawer stops to prevent it from falling and causing accidents. This 6 drawer organizer requires assembly. The storage cabinet is easy to assemble and all the mounting hardware and instruction manual are included in the package. This a multipurpose and versatile storage option for small spaces, especially condos and dorm rooms. This is the most expensive storage drawer on our list but the quality of the product makes up for it.


  1. Stable but lightweight
  2. Has wheels installed 
  3. Has a barrier against moisture
  4. Top 2 drawers have locks installed
  5. High load capacity 
  6. Top two drawers have locks installed
  7. Table corners are curved for safety 
  8. Has drawer stops to prevent drawers from falling out
  9. Large capacity storage
  10. A little on the expensive side but the quality is worth it.


Now that you are done checking out the 5 best storage drawers for the dorm room chosen by us, it’s your turn to choose according to what factor matters the most to you. All the above-mentioned storage drawers have all the features that are expected from a storage drawer unit for a dorm – being compact, sturdy, multifunctional, affordable, space-saving, and safe to different degrees. 

The IRIS stacking drawers offer flexibility, portability more than anything else. The SONGMICS Closet Drawer focuses on catering to different customer needs with different sizes of storage drawers. One just has to choose the one that suits their needs best. Sorbus Nightstand with 7 drawers offers multifunctionality at a great value for the price with added aesthetic marble touch. The KINWELL Extra Wide Fabric Storage Organizer focuses more on durability and stability than any other above-mentioned drawer units. The Nefani plastic drawers are the most expensive on the list but offer great quality that may last from a student’s dorm room to their first apartment. According to us, these are the 5 best storage drawers for a dorm that have focused on different features but we have made sure all the other features to be favorable for any dorm dweller. Now it’s your turn to determine what feature is the most important to you to choose one of the 5 best storage drawers over another.

Bottom Line:

The key to small-space living is simple, we need to organize. Generally, tiny space comes with a huge lack of storage. So, there is a need to add storage wherever it is possible. Everything should have a place in your dorm room. We firmly believe that the above mentioned five best storage drawers for dorm rooms will help anyone turn their dorm room into a comfortable and functional space as well as a productivity booster.

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White Noise Machine for the Colleges: A Solution for Sleep

Sleep is something we don’t get too much of nowadays. You might enjoy bragging to your friends about how you slept 1-hour last night. Trust me; there’s no pride in it. Sleep is key for health and successful mental function. And if you’re in college, there’s a good chance that you’re living in a dorm. Living in a dorm means your sleep is hampered almost every day due to annoying noises in and around the dorm, from social events and parties to late night students coming back late. So how do you combat the annoyance of noise?

There might be tons of ways to put yourself to sleep when there’s a lot of loud noise around you. But the best possible way to avoid all of them and get some sleep is probably the use of a white noise machine. You probably stumbled across this article when you searched for the words “white noise machine college dorm.” While this is just one solution to help manage a noisy dorm, we highly encourage you to read all our tips on getting better dorm sleep, as well as tricks to deal with a noisy dorm.

Whether you’ve heard about them or not, we’re going to run you through the basics and why you need them. We’ll also help you pick out the best white noise machines to get according to your needs and budget. So without any further ado, let’s get straight into it!

What is A White Noise Machine?

Where does sleep stand when you’re comparing it to the other activities on your priority list? No matter where it stands, you need the optimum amount to function throughout the day properly. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, a white noise machine is something you should consider. A white noise machine is a device that plays a preset sound over a looped period to help us concentrate on the sounds itself and ignore any other noise around us. 

Usually, using white noise machines is more famous for children’s rooms. These devices help kids fall asleep when the parents are up to working late at night. But if you’re having trouble falling asleep in your dorm room, a kids’ white noise machine might help you out more than you can think of. 

Why You Should Get a White Noise Machine

The answer’s pretty simple. White noise machines were made to help you fall asleep when you’re having trouble doing it yourself. College students who are living in dorms have to adapt to the annoying noises a night. From the annoying roommate watching Netflix to a party going on upstairs, it’s entirely normal for even the deepest sleepers to have trouble trying to fall asleep. 

Scientifically Proven to be Effective

White noises are scientifically proven to help us divert our hearing. With a white noise machine turned on, we can shift our attention to the soothing or static sounds and keep our focus away from anything else. 

Pleasant sounds can always help us fall asleep. And trying to go to sleep with your headphones on is tough. On top of that, you can’t even turn to your preferred sleeping position when you’re wearing headphones. This is why you need to look for a better alternative. And white noise machines are just perfect for blocking out background noises with something non disruptive.

Blocking Out the Bad Vibes

Blocking out annoying environmental noises is the key to a good night’s sleep. You can either try and fall asleep among all the noise and still fail, or go out and buy one of these. A night of sound sleep also develops our cognitive abilities. A better sleeping schedule will help out with ADHD too. You can start to focus on your lectures and assignments a little more. 

Blocks the Annoying Sounds

White noise machines can block out the annoying sounds around us and focus on the soothing sound. But to me, the immense advantage here is being able to fall asleep faster than usual. We all cry for that alarm to go off a few minutes later in the morning. So if we get a few more minutes, it’s a win for everyone in the beginning. 

Helps the Sleep Schedule

On top of that, you can rely on these machines to help you develop a healthier sleeping schedule. You won’t be tired and sleepy during your lectures and meetings, even if they’re online. These white noise machines can genuinely minimize environmental noises to a great extent. So if you’ve been searching with the words “white noise machines college dorm,” you need a white noise machine. 

Is This The Best Way to Sleep in Dorms?

Let me put it this way if you require a completely silent environment to fall asleep; getting a white noise machine isn’t the best way to do it. But you’re probably here because you want to block out those annoying dorm noises. And white noise machines to tend to help a lot with these cases. The brain won’t focus on the white noise, so interestingly it may be easier than silence to fall asleep to.

White noise machines are available everywhere now, and they’re getting cheaper with the number of sales. They certainly aren’t the only noise machines to help you go to sleep. But are they the best ones? Let’s look at a couple of alternatives to find out. 

Nature Sound Machines

Again, this entirely depends on personal preference. You might prefer natural sounds and noises over the white noise. Some people do tend to find waterfall or rain sounds quite pleasant to hear. Even the sounds of ocean waves are pretty nice to hear. And these sounds are imitated by these machines to help you sleep better. 

But they don’t work that well for light sleepers. A louder bird may suddenly chirp out of nowhere to way you up. 

Pink Noise Machines

The other type of machine we’ll be looking at is the pink noise machines. Scientists say that pink noises are the types of sound that help to slow down brain waves. While that sounds pretty scary and probably dangerous, this ensures a steadier sleeping pattern. 

You can also use these machines during the daytime. That’s because the pink noise can significantly increase concentration and productivity while you’re working. Pink noises are said to sound the smoothest. 

So how do you pick among the three? Some machines can come with all the options onboard. But they do tend to get a bit more expensive. You might be tempted to try out pink noise machines too. But do keep in mind that they might disrupt your sleep again with the noise. 

Best White Noise Machines for 2021

It can get challenging to choose from the hundreds of choices on the market when you’re on the hunt for white noise machines. So we’ve gathered the top 4 and put them together in this list to help you shortlist some of them. Check out their features and everything they can do. Then decide on the perfect choice for your dorm room.

4. Adaptive Sound Technologies Lectrofan (B00E6D6LQY)

Product Link

Here’s another one on our list from Adaptive Sound Technologies. So you can guess how great the brand is when you see them being featured twice on the best products’ list. This is the lighter version of the other offering, and you can save a couple of bucks if you choose to go for this one. 

The American company knew what it was doing when they were designing this one. The hexagonal shape makes it look elegant, and it was meant to stand out in your room. You can play ten different fan noises with it without even turning the fan on. Other sounds include the classic white noise, pink noise, and natural sounds. You also get brown noise as an addition.

Even though this is a budget model, it still brings over the adaptive sound technology from its bigger brother. You don’t have to worry about adjusting the volume as it will do it automatically according to the environmental noises. When you’re searching with the words “white noise machine college dorm” to find a machine for your dorm room, this one is sure to be on the list. 

You can power it up in two ways. You can choose to juice it with the included AC adapter or connect the USB cable to your computer’s port. The device has no moving parts, and it perfectly adjusts to the environmental noise. You can switch this on when you’re going through your lectures too. It’s been proven to help you focus on your work. 


  • Available in 4 colors with 2 different shapes
  • 10 different sounds to help you fall asleep
  • Two-way power with the AC adapter or the USB cable
  • Adaptive sound technology to auto-adjust sound

3. Honeywell Dreamweaver Sleep Fan (B07M5N3KFQ)

Product Link

Next up is this sleep fan from Honeywell. The Dreamweaver does precisely what you think. The aptly named mechanism does justice to white noise machines. You can continue blocking the environmental noise in your sleep with this one. The affordable price with so many features has got to be the best thing about this product. 

The soothing pink and white noise options will help you block out disturbing noises. The product combines low and high-frequency noises to output some beautiful pink and white noises. This sound minimizes all the other noises you can hear in the background when you’re trying to fall asleep. You even get capacitive touch controls with this one, so it’s easier to configure.

You can casually charge your phone or other electronic devices with the additional USB port on the device. The four different timer settings are must-have in more premium options. But the Dreamweaver brings the features at a lower price. You can set the timer for up to a whopping 8 hours. 

You’ll get three speeds and four different light dimming adjustments. You can also choose to keep the lights completely off. Control the airflow of the fan with the uniquely designed shutter. You can easily direct the airflow towards the place you want.


  • Soothing pink and white noises
  • Capacitive touch controls
  • USB port for charging other devices
  • Four different timer settings
  • Four different light dimming settings
  • Airflow shutter can direct the flow of air quite well

2. Yogasleep Dohm Classic (B000KUHFGM)

Product Link

It was quite challenging to decide our top spot, and the Yogasleep was one of the contenders. But the higher ratings of our number 1 product gave it a slight edge. But that doesn’t mean you can overlook this one. The Yogasleep Dohm looks pretty shabby when you pick the Beige version.

But you can spice things up a bit with the other colors. The Beige finish has a long history, though. The original white noise machine had the same design and color scheme. The concept was so good that the company didn’t bother changing anything. The natural noises of this machine are undoubtedly the best part. It’s fan-based and creates perfect white noises. 

You can altogether cancel out the annoying noises in the college dorm with this one. You might have stumbled on to this article when you typed in the words “white noise machine college dorm.” And you can see everyone recommends this option. You don’t even have to deal with airflow either. The machine gracefully does the job itself.

You can adjust the tones and volumes with this one. If you want a more personalized sound option, then this is the best way to go. Opting for the classic version lets you rest assured that you got the best quality. The design may be around 50 years old. But it stuck around because it deserved to.


  • Basic design with the top-notch built quality
  • Tone and speed adjustment for personalized sounds
  • Natural sounds and fan-based white noises
  • 120V AC adapter is used to power it up

1. HoMedics SoundSpa White Noise Sound Machine (B00A2JBMRE)

Product Link

The HoMedics machine won our number one spot rightfully. The brands have been quite famous for its white noise products, and this one is their flagship. You can get this one in two different finishes. But the silver one prevents the fingerprints quite a lot. You can get up to 6 different digital relaxing sounds. They include waves, thunder, rain, brook, and the summer night.

The whole mechanism is quite portable, and you can take it along with you when you’re returning from campus. The entire build is exceptionally lightweight too. So you certainly don’t have to worry about the additional weight. The auto-off timer has three different timer settings for your comfort. You can set it for up to 60 minutes and try to fall asleep.

You can power up this puppy with 4 AA batteries or with the provided AC adapter in the box. HoMedics is certified by healthcare workers to help improve your overall sleep cycle. You can gradually develop a better sleep schedule with constant use. If you’re struggling to fall asleep in your dorm room due to a party upstairs, whip this puppy out and fall asleep in a few minutes. 


  • Three different timer settings
  • Two-way power
  • Portable, compact and lightweight 
  • Six different soothing sounds to help cancel out the annoying noises

Bottom Line

Getting better sleep involves a number of changes and factors, with white noise machines being one of them. When you’re typing the words “White Noise Machine College Dorm” on your preferred search engine, you’ll get tons of recommendations. But you needed to know how the machines could help you fall asleep and sleep better. We tried to run through the basics and help you along the way too. One thing’s for sure; you will certainly be sleeping better in that noisy dorm with a white noise machine for the dorm! 


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10 Best Soundproof Curtains for Colleges

“Soundproof” means something that can block out all sound. A soundproof room is where no sound can go in or out of the room. Soundproofing a room is not an easy task. The technical work and architecture for that are quite complex. If you think using soundproof curtains for dorms would block out all the sound from outside, you would be very wrong.

These types of curtains can reduce the amount of noise that is transmitted from the outside. If you live in an urban area, or just a generally noisy environment like a dorm, soundproof curtains can help keep the noise level low enough for you to focus on your work. They are also a way to help find better sleep if light and noise are keeping you up.

In a dorm room, sound can often be an issue, especially when exams are around the corner. Having soundproof curtains for dorms can make these sounds tolerable and you can concentrate better on your studies. As the name soundproof curtains suggests, they actually work by reducing the sound. These curtains work as a kind of filter so so noise travelling either in or out receives a level of filtering. The curtains would block noise from outside as well as prevent any noise in your room from going out.

Choosing the best soundproof curtains for your dorm might be quite difficult considering there are tons of options to weigh. This article should help you come to a decision faster. We did some research on soundproof curtains for dorms to make our top list. If you’re interested in curtains for blackout or looks, then check out our favorite dorm curtains here. Otherwise, check out the soundproof curtains we picked out and one of them may even end up in your window.

Things to Consider before Buying Soundproof curtains for Dorms

Complete soundproofing with curtains is impossible to get. But you can surely get filtered out the noise which would make it easier to focus on your work or studies. Before we dive into the best soundproofing curtains for your dorm, there are some factors to consider before you decide to purchase one.


Since you are looking for curtains that can absorb noise, look for the pretty dense ones. Many of these curtains have double or triple layers which make these capable enough to block out unwanted noise for the most part. Whether you pick the tightly woven ones or the ones with thermal insulation, soundproof curtains are good at absorbing noise.

Polyester fabric is a common thing you would notice in these curtains. Sometimes there are two or three layers of polyester to block out light as well as noise. Velvet or suede is highly preferred for soundproof curtains since the microfibers in them are effective in absorbing sound waves. Look for extra linings and multiple layers to get curtains that are capable of blocking out noise while also being durable.

Curtain Size

When it comes to the curtain size, the length of the curtains follows a standard measurement that can fit almost any window. The width and panel sizes of the soundproof curtains may differ. Since windows are of different sizes, the variations in the curtain size help you find the perfect fit. Not just for windows, you can use these curtains on your doors and balconies as well. 

Usually, soundproof curtains for dorms are bigger than any average curtain. They extend over to the sides more than a normal curtain would. It helps them absorb the noise and also blocks the light. The length measurements ensure that the curtains cover from ceiling to floor entirely but not so long that you would accidentally trip over them. 

Curtain Rods

Curtains and curtain rods are integrated parts of each other. When you choose soundproof curtains for your dorm, you need to be careful of the curtain rods as well. Since soundproof curtains have insulation and are often made with multiple layered fabrics, they are heavier than average curtains. So you need to use thick and durable curtain rods to install soundproof curtains in your dorm. Not just the curtain rods, the grommets need to be sturdy as well so they can complement the curtains well.

Not all curtains are dense and heavyweight; there are some lightweight options too. Before you choose soundproof curtains for your dorm, make sure you consider their weight and choose the curtain rods accordingly. If you want to use normal curtain rods, choose lightweight curtains. But if you want heavy curtains with extra insulation, use dense curtain rods.

Thermal and Blackout Curtains

Most of the soundproof curtains have added features like thermal insulation and blackout. With thermal insulation in place, the curtains can prevent the temperature in the room from changing. During the winter, the heat in your room cannot escape if you install soundproof curtains that have enough thermal insulation.

As for the blackout fabric in curtains, they help block out the light along with the noise. So if you want your room to be both dark and quiet, then choose the kind of curtains that are soundproof as well as blackout.

10 Best Soundproof Curtains for Dorms

1. NICETOWN Noise Reducing Window Curtains (B01CS31NDE)

Product Link: See price here

If you’re looking for one of the best soundproof curtains for dorms, these can end your search right here. Add a little bit of style to your dorm with these unique and stylish curtains from Nicetown. These curtains won’t just block out sound from the room but also keep out unwanted lights quite effectively. You have a wide array of choices when it comes to colors. This gives you the chance to personalize your dorm in the way you wish.

Since the curtains are effective in reducing noise as well as keeping out light from the room, it is no surprise that they are denser than any average curtain you may have come across. So make sure you use robust curtain rods. With its light-blocking abilities, the curtains can prevent harmful UV rays from entering the room.

Even though they are thick, the curtains are cost-effective and easy to handle. You can easily wash them in the machine. So pick your favorite color scheme and pair it with your preferred rod pockets to make your dorm stand out among the rest.

2. Deconovo Thermal Insulated Window Curtain (B016MB5K0A)

Product Link: Check price here

Deconovo is offering this budget-friendly curtain that is soft to the touch. There are 2 different sizes for you to choose from. You can pick one according to the windows in your dorm. The curtains are pretty lightweight so you can handle them easily. Each curtain has only 6 grommets. Your curtain rods won’t have to be extra dense or highly expensive. Any normal rod is perfectly suitable for these curtains no matter which size you choose.

These soundproof curtains for dorms are capable of not only blocking out unwanted sound, but also any light that may disrupt your peaceful slumber. They are not as thick as many of their competitors so if light curtains are what you want, then these are definitely worth for you to check out.

These triple-weave curtains are light but durable. The installation is quick and easy. There are different color choices when you pick out not just the curtains but also for the grommets. So customize them to your heart’s content. Make your dorm room stand out with your preferred colors. 

3. Yakamok Blackout Curtains (B07J3414GF)

Product Link: Check price here

Made from polyester and fabric, these curtains can block out unwanted noise effectively. Not just noise, no light would also disturb your sleep since the curtains are more than capable of blocking them out. Blocking out the light is also necessary since harsh sunlight means UV rays, which is harmful to the skin.

These soundproof curtains for dorms might not have thermal backing, but the triple-woven fabric can block out the UV rays just fine. The curtains are environment-friendly and safe to the touch. Since they are made from 100% polyester material, they are quite dense and durable.

Yakamok offers its curtains in different sizes so you can pick them according to the size of your dorm room windows. Also, there are several color options for you to pick from. You can personalize your dorm in the way you love. The curtains might be quite dense but they are not that hard to take care of. You can easily wash them with cold water in the machine.

These double-layered curtains are made from soft fabric. They are not just stylish to look at, but also capable of blocking out noise and sound. They can be a strong candidate if you are looking for the best soundproof curtains for your dorm.

4. MIUCO Grommet Blackout Window Curtains (B01IHYZHRQ)

Product Link: Check price here

Miuco has 18 different color options for your dorm curtains. Decorate your dorm with your favorite colors so the room can reflect your personality. The double-polyester panel is durable and keeps the noise level low enough for you to work or study without interruption. No need to worry about outside noise or light disrupting your workflow anytime soon once you have these curtains installed in your dorm room.

The innovative triple-weave construction can effectively block out around 98% of the UV rays. So your room won’t just be soundproof but would also be safe from the harmful UV rays. These soundproof curtains for dorms are quite thick and have thermal insulation. This helps the curtains keep the room temperature well-maintained with the weather outside. The heat in your room would stay intact during the winter and keeps the cold wind from seeping in.

These Miuco curtains are not just capable of blocking out most of the outside noise but are also stylish enough to make your dorm room stand out among others. The curtains are also easy to maintain. You can just put them in the washer and run a cold cycle to instantly clean the curtains.

5. Best Home Fashion Premium (B001SABMN0)

Product Link: Check price here

These premium curtains are made from 100% polyester material. The curtains are soft to the touch and easy to take care of. They are safe to clean via the washing machine but avoid using any bleach as a cleaning substance. These non-toxic and trendy curtains come in 16 different colors so you can find the perfect shade to personalize your dorm the way you deem fit.

With its triple-weave construction, the curtains can prevent unwanted noise as well as sound from entering the dorm. Best Home Fashion is determined to live up to its name and provide curtains that are best for your health. The curtains are thermally insulated to keep harmful UV rays away from your dorm. This helps the room to stay cool in the warmer weather and lock in the heat during the winter.

Have a good night’s sleep with these soundproof curtains for dorms since they would keep the room dark and quiet. Not just at night, you can have a quick nap during the daytime as well. With the different color options and hanging styles for the curtains, you can personalize your dorm in any way you like.

6. RYB HOME Curtain (B076HL46FV)

Product Link: Check price here

The RYM Home curtains can serve more as a divider for two rooms rather than cover the windows. But since the curtains are dense enough to reduce noise from entering the room, they can serve as soundproof curtains. Not just sound, these soundproof curtains for dorms can block light from entering the space as well. There are 14 different color options on RYB Home curtains. The darker colored ones are more capable of blocking out the light than the lighter ones.

Not just for lights, there are options for size as well. Customize your dorm room with the perfect size of curtains and your preferred shade of color. Even though there is no thermal backing in the curtains, but they are still capable of filtering noise and light.

The curtains have a triple-layer construction and are made from full polyester fabric. The middle layer is made from highly dense polyester which helps the curtains block absorb most of the noise. The curtains may not block out the sound completely but they can make your room peaceful enough for you to focus on your work.

7. BGment Blackout Curtains for dorm room

Product Link: Check price here

These blackout curtains from Amazlinen are toxic-free and safe to use even in the children’s room. They would be perfect for your dorm if you want less noise and light to get past the windows. The curtains are made from polyester which makes them have a smooth texture. They are easy to clean as well since you can machine wash them with cold water. 

Amazlinen curtains are considered to be energy-saving since they can help your dorm cope with the weather. They can keep the room heat during winter so you won’t have to use heating appliances that much. The curtains can also keep out the cold wind from entering the room. Each curtain panel has 6 silver metal grommets on top.

Each grommet inner diameter is 1.6 inch, comparable with most rods. Easy to hang, and slide smoothly. Blackout Functions: Our bedroom curtains can block out 85%-99% sunlight and UV ray ( Darker colors work better), perfect for late sleepers and afternoon naps.

. Enjoy a peaceful nap in a dark and quiet room. These soundproof curtains would be a great help in creating an environment suitable for studying during the exams or getting some much-needed work done.

9. Flamingo P Store Blackout Curtains (B074M5G55W)

Product Link: Check price here

Made from blackout fabric, these curtains can block out 80% of the UV rays and sunlight. They are better than any average soundproof curtains but not as good as a few of the premium models. Decorate your dorm with these elegant curtains and add a distinct style to your dorm.

Flamingo P is offering their soundproof curtains in single panels as well as double panels. The available colors are quite similar to each other but you can bring class to your dorm in no time. The simple but exquisite style of the curtains gives them a luxurious look. No need to worry about taking precautions when you need to maintain the curtains. They are fairly easy to install.

Also, you can clean the curtains in a jiffy since they are machine-washable. They can withstand cold water cycles but avoid using any bleach or very hot iron.

The faux silk fabric is soft to the touch and effectively brings some class to your dorm. The curtains have multiple grommets but the headers are big enough so the installation goes smooth.

10. Moondream 3-in-1 Sound Insulation Curtain (B018UH2X6I)

Product Link: Check price here

These curtains from Moondream are useful in more than one way. They have thermal insulation, sound insulation, and are blackout as well. The curtains may not be of premium quality, but they are highly capable of isolating any room you wish. The curtains have layers of blackout fabric, thick cotton, and thermal insulation in between. All of these materials together help keep the noise level down to 7dB.

There are different sizes available for these curtains so you can pick them out according to the windows in your dorm. Multiple color options are available as well so you can personalize your space just the way you like. Whether you need to study for your exams or finish a project, these Moondream curtains would help your room be isolated.

You can also create a peaceful sleeping environment with these curtains since most of the noise would be absorbed and the light would be blocked as well.

The iron-on tape on these curtains helps you adjust the height according to the windows in your dorm. As for the maintenance, the curtains need to be dry-cleaned regularly. Avoid washing them by hand or putting them in the washing machine for a cold water cycle.


Do soundproof curtains for dorms actually work?

Yes, they do. Soundproof curtains may not block out the noise completely but they do absorb most of it. With soundproof curtains installed in the room, most of the noise from outside would be muffled so you can focus on your work.

Does insulation helps reduce noise?

Yes, insulation is needed for more noise absorption. Soundproof curtains have insulation to prevent the noise from traveling from one place to another. If you have soundproof curtains in the room but there are still sounds coming from outside, then it means your curtains don’t enough insulation. Thermal insulations are often made from cellulose and fiberglass.

Do curtains absorb sound?

Yes, soundproof curtains can reduce the vibration levels so most of the noise is absorbed. If you have soundproof curtains installed in a room, very little sound can go in and out of that room.

Are soundproof curtains for dorms energy-efficient?

In a way, soundproof curtains can be considered energy-saving. Many soundproof curtains have thermal insulation in them. If your curtains have thermal insulation, the room would stay warm during the winter since it would stay insulated. No cold wind would be able to get past the curtains. This means you won’t have to run appliances like room heaters as frequently as you normally would. 

Final Thoughts

Before you choose any soundproof curtains for dorms, consider the features of each one of them. All the curtains we listed are capable of reducing outside noise so you won’t be disturbed. Not everyone has the same taste. The curtains you choose would depend entirely on your preferences. You need to see if they fit in your budget, if the noise reduction is effective enough, the style of the curtains, etc. Pick out the ones you feel are capable enough to make your dorm more peaceful.

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Best College Products

The Best College Printer

While many classes will offer online turn in, many other classes will still require you to print out your homework and turn it in during class. Nothings more stressful than having a completed assignment ready to go, but not being able to find a working printer in time before the class. Remove your external dependencies and get control of your assignments by getting your own printer in your college. Not only will you be able to make sure you turn in your own work on time, but you’ll be a hero to those around you that may also need a printer in a time of need. Here’s our affiliated list of top college printers, with the best college printer.

1. Canon TS5120 Wireless All-In-One College Printer with Scanner and Copier

Enjoy the simplicity of connecting your smartphone, tablet and all your favorite devices with ease. Print hassle free – even from the Cloud4, Bluetooth6, and from social media. Compact size: the PIXMA TS5120 is the Wireless all-in-one printer that’s just the right size with all the right features. With features like AirPrint 2, auto power on/off, built in Wi-Fi 1 and PIXMA cloud Link4 – it’s easy to see why the PIXMA TS5120 makes printing quick and easy.

2. HP OfficeJet 4650 Wireless All-in-One Photo College Printer

Main functions of this HP color inkjet photo printer: copy, scan, fax, wireless printing, AirPrint, two-sided duplex printing, touchscreen, Instant Ink ready so you’ll never run out of ink, and more. Print from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet with the free HP ePrint app, easily print from your iPhone or iPad with AirPrint, print even without a network using Wireless Direct printing. 2-sided printing allows you to print on both sides of the page, cutting your paper use by up to 50%. Laser quality text and brilliant color for all your documents and projects

3. Brother HL-L2340DW Compact Laser College Printer

Fast, high-quality printing at up to 27ppm. Easy to set up and share on your wireless network or connect locally via USB interface. Print from your mobile device via: Air print, Google cloud Print, Brother iPrint & Scan, cortado workplace, Wi-Fi Direct. Automatic duplex (two-sided) printing to help save paper. 250-sheet capacity tray adjustable for letter or legal, plus a manual feed slot for envelope printing.

4. HP ENVY 5640 Colour Multifunctional College Printer

Colour Printer – Perfect for Home use; Print, Copy, Scan and Photo. Paper Size – A4; Connectivity – Wireless, AirPrint, USB. 6.75 cm touchscreen CGD (Colour Graphics Display). Compatible operating systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista Mac OS X Lion, OS X Mountain Lion, OS X Mavericks. HP Auto-Off Technology; Processor speed: 525 MHz.

5. Canon TS8120 Wireless All-In-One College Printer

Quickly Print detailed documents with Sharp black text and stunning photographs with the 6-color individual ink system. Enjoy the simplicity of connecting your smartphone, tablet and all your favorite devices with ease. Print hassle free – whether from the Cloud5, through Bluetooth5, from social Media2 or on the go. With intuitive features like the 4.3″ LCD touchscreen and Bluetooth printing4, it’s clear to see why the PIXMA TS8120 makes printing fast and easy..

6. Brother College Printer MFCJ460DW Wireless Color Inkjet Printer

Upon activation, the Amazon Dash Replenishment service measures the ink level and automatically orders ink from Amazon when low. This ensures that you never run out again. Mobile Device Printing via AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Brother iPrint&Scan and Wi-Fi Direct. Easy to Setup Wireless Networking. Automatic Duplex (2-sided) Printing. 100 Sheet Paper Capacity up to 8.5″x14″. Auto Document Feeder Accepts up to 20 Sheets for Unattended Copy, Scan and Fax.

7. Canon MX492 Wireless All-IN-One Small College Printer

The space-saving small printer fits about anywhere in your home, office or college. Air Print: Print wirelessly and effortlessly from your compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch –no drivers needed! Print and scan photos or documents from your mobile device using the free Canon PRINT app. Save time with the fully integrated Auto Document Feeder.

8. Canon PIXMA MG3620 Wireless All-In-One Color Inkjet College Printer

Mobile Device Printing: Easily print from your iPhone, iPad, Android or tablet. Quick and Easy Wireless Setup. Powerful Printing options: Airprint, Google Cloud Print, NFC, Mopria and Canon Print. Compact and Space-saving design.

9. Brother Compact Monochrome Laser College Printer

Print more, wait less. Engineered for increased efficiency with class leading print speeds of up to 32 pages per minute1. Dynamic features accommodate your evolving needs. The 250-sheet paper capacity helps improve efficiency with less refills and handles letter or legal sized paper.

10. HP DeskJet 2655 All-in-One Compact College Printer

Main functions of this HP compact color printer: print, scan, copy, wireless printing, AirPrint, Instant Ink ready so you’ll never run out of ink, and more. Mobile printing: print and scan on the go with the HP All-in-One Printer Remote app, easily print from your iPhone with AirPrint. Save time and money with HP’s most affordable wireless all-in-one printer to date. Put your printer wherever you want with this compact design and an output tray that minimizes space when closed. Paper sizes supported: Letter; legal; 4×6 in; 5×7 in; 8×10 in; No. 10 envelopes

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Best College Products

The Best College Tablet

The days of hand written assignments are behind us, and online school and class is booming. In the same regard, the days of light projection slides are behind us. Digital PowerPoint presentations are the common medium for most professors, viewable on laptops or tablets. For students, college tablets are rising in popularity as the go-to medium for taking notes – and with the rising popularity of ebooks and powerpoints shared by teachers, it only makes sense. Now you can take notes directly alongside the slides the teacher is presenting, and take any number of books with you wherever you go. We have the entire affiliated list of our favorite and best college tablet available below.

1. New Apple iPad College Tablet (10.2-inch, Wi-Fi, 32GB) – Silver (8th Generation)

Gorgeous 10.2-inch Retina display, A12 Bionic chip with Neural Engine, Support for Apple Pencil (1st generation) and Smart Keyboard, 8MP back camera, 1.2MP FaceTime HD front camera, Stereo speakers, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Up to 10 hours of battery life.

2. Samsung Galaxy College Tab A 8″

Android 5.0 Lollipop, 8-inch Display. Product Dimensions (inches) 8.20″ x 5.43″ x 0.29″. Samsung Quad Core Processor, 1.2 GHz with 16 GB Flash Memory, 1.5 GB RAM Memory and a microSD Card Slot (Up to 128GB). Supports WIFI only (Does not support 3g, LTE), with a Display Resolution: 1024 x 768 XGA.

3. All-new Fire HD 8 college tablet, 8″ HD display, 32 GB

8″ HD display, 2X the storage (32 or 64 GB of internal storage and up to 1 TB with microSD card) + 2 GB RAM. All-day battery life – Up to 12 hours of reading, browsing the web, watching videos, and listening to music. Now with USB-C for easier charging. Fully charges in under 5 hours (with included cable + adapter).

4. New Apple iPad Air (10.9-inch, Wi-Fi, 64GB) – Silver (4th Generation)

Stunning 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display with True Tone and P3 wide color, A14 Bionic chip with Neural Engine, Touch ID for secure authentication and Apple Pay, 12MP back camera, 7MP FaceTime HD front camera, Available in Silver, Space Gray, Rose Gold, Green, and Sky Blue, Wide stereo audio, Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax).

5. Amazon Fire HD 10 College Tablet with Alexa

Brilliant 10.1″ 1080p Full HD display (1920 x 1200), up to 1.8 GHZ quad-core processor, 2 GB RAM, and up to 10 hours of battery life. Amazons largest display, now with over 2 million pixels, stereo speakers, Dolby Audio, and dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi. Use Alexa hands-free mode, 32 or 64 GB internal storage expandable by up to 256 GB (using the microSD slot). Utilize popular apps such as your Netflix plan, or Facebook.

6. Lenovo Tab M8 Tablet, 8″ HD Android Tablet, Quad-Core Processor, 2GHz, 16GB Storage

8-inch tablet has a brilliant HD display with booming Dolby Atmos Audio and built-in dual-stereo front-facing speakers perfect for binge-watching TV and movies on-the-go, with multi-user and multi-space functionality. Wifi tablet has a 64-bit Quad-core Snapdragon processor of up to 1.4 GHz, 2GB of RAM, plus an epic 20 hour battery life for seamless performance on any day-to-day tasks.

7. Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7″

Perfectly portable, the Galaxy Tab E Lite lets your browse, read or game with the bright 7″ screen. Watch, read and game at home or on the go with up to 9 hours of Internet usage on a single charge. Expand your memory up to an additional 32GB with a microSD card. Capture the moment perfectly with advanced camera modes.

8. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4″, 128GB WiFi Tablet Chiffon Rose Tablet for College

S PEN INCLUDED: The included S Pen makes it easier than ever to write notes and personalize photos and videos, all without needing to charge. The S Pen attaches magnetically right to your tablet and is always ready to go. SLIM METAL DESIGN: Take this sleek, lightweight tablet anywhere. Its slim design slips right into your bag and comes in your choice of stylish colors.

9. Samsung Galaxy Tab A for College

The Galaxy Tab A’s vibrant 10.1 inch high-resolution screen makes everything come to life, whether you’re watching movies or catching up on the latest news. The new Tab A 10.1 inch is your perfect entertainment companion. 1.6 GHz exynos 7870 octa-core Processor, Os: android 6.0 Marshmallow, 2GB of RAM + 16GB, 10.1″ wuxga Display, 8Mp rear camera + 2Mp front camera.

10. Dragon Touch K10 College Tablet, 10 inch Android Tablet with 16 GB Quad Core Processor

Brilliant HD Display: The 10-inch HD IPS Display with 1280*800 Resolution that stays clear in any light. Sharing the big screen with families in any angle for hands-free. It also has a micro HDMI interface for syncing the tablet movies and videos to TV. Both charging and data transmission would be supported via micro USB. Store More Pictures and Videos: The Dragon Touch K10 tablet comes with 16GB of internal storage, expandable storage to 128 GB. The big storage will satisfy your daily requirements for working and learning.

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Best College Products

The Best College Desk Lamp

Lighting in a college without a college desk lamp can be tough, because there’s usually one main light shared across both roommates. This means when one person wants to go to bed, either you jointly agree on a time to turnoff the lights, or the person going to bed needs to use a sleeping mask. Another problem can be that even with the lights on, the college room is dimly lit and causes eye strain to work or study at night. A solution can be to utilize a more consolidated light source, like a desk lamp, so that you can stay reading, studying, or even playing games while your roommate sleeps. In this affiliated Dorm Essentials top 10, we cover our best college desk lamp.

1. LED College Desk Lamp, JUKSTG Eye-Caring College Dorm Desk Lamp

Gentle on the Eyes: Provides a flicker-free lighting with large luminous area for reading, working, or studying. Touch Controls & Memory Function: Effortlessly switch between 5 color modes (White, Cool White, Natural, Yellow, Warm Yellow) and different brightness levels. In addition, you can touch to control memory modes, timing and small night lamp.

2. LEPOWER LED College Desk Lamp, Eye-Caring Table Study Lamps 8W

EYE-PROTECTION LED DESK LAMP: Lepower desk lamp with the latest lighting technology, produces soft and flicker-free light, relieve visual fatigue to effectively protect your eyes when reading, working and studying. 3 COLOR & ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS: Featured with 3 color temperatures, night light & stepless brightness design, you can customize the lighting and satisfy your need. Also, it is a sensitive touch lamp with memory function, very easy & convenient to use.

3. LEPOWER College Desk Lamp

Portable eye protection LED desk light with the latest lighting technology, produces soft and flicker-free lighting, relieve visual fatigue, effectively protects your eyes when reading, working and studying. DIMMABLE: Touch power key to turn on the light, Select from 3 color temperature modes-Reading, Relax, Sleep; 5 adjustable brightness levels for each mode.

4. LEPOWER Metal College Desk Lamp, Eye-Caring Table Lamp (bulb not included)

A traditional choice for the college room. BULB REQUIREMENTS: Bulb is not included in the package. With an E26 sized screw base, the bulb can be installed as desired. We suggest you using LED bulb 4W-6W, energy saving bulb 8W-16W, incandescent bulb 20W-40W (40W MAX). ADJUSTABLE ANGLE: The flexible swing arm which makes it easy to find the perfect lighting angle. Simple and lightweight. Perfect for office, kids room, or college college.

5. AFROG Multifunctional LED College Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger

25 brightess choices:5 lighting modes × 5 level brightness , Sensitive Touch Control. Powerfull charging:owning both USB Charging Port and Fast Wireless Charger(needs 5V/2A adapter,already Included ). Free to sleep:30/60 minutes Auto off timer, free to sleep,no need to worry about turning off.

6. Wanjiaone Study Led College Desk Lamp

Multi-functions : 7 in 1, desk lamp with USB charging port, 256 color changing base, pencil holder, alarm clock, calendar, temperature and LCD screen, it meets all your requirements. USB Port: Output 5V/2A USB charging port, so you can spend less time to remain full electricity for your mobile device.(Iphone, samsung or power bank).

7. TIWIN Eye-caring College Table Lamp

TIWIN Dimmable LED Desk Lamp 7W with LED Displays – Function Included: USB charging port, Alarm Clock, Calendar, Time and Temperature Display, Memory, Smart Touch Sensor.

8. LED College Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port and 3000mah Battery

Eye-Friendly Leds – MOICO Led desk lamp is made of energy efficient 52pcs LEDS, low consumption and extended lifespan up to 50,000 hours. Design to be soft and non-flickering, no glare, which can effectively relieve eye fatigue to protect your eyes, so you can enjoy what you’re doing for longer.

9. LAMPAT Dimmable LED College Desk Lamp

4 lighting modes, 5 level brightness, USB charging port, Natural light protects eyes, 1 hour auto-off.

10. TROND LED Clamp Desk Lamp Task Light Reading College Lamp

Roommates complaining about too much light? Natural daylight task lighting. Trond halo 9w-c led clamp task light is not a cheaply-made, mini clip-on book light. instead, it’s a full-sized,super-bright clamp task lamp, and emits a beam of mimic daylight (5800k ~ 6000k, 1000lm) to where it’s needed to suit the task at hand. Various taking lighting applications include reading, writing, crafting, painting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, jigsaw, tattooing, putting on makeup or shaving, etc.

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Best College Products

The Best College Fridge

Dorm fridges are important for storing leftover microwavable food and keeping drinks cool. While colleges sometimes come with one fridge already available, you may notice a few different issues. Your roommate may be taking up too much of the fridge room, or worse yet floor mates may be found eating your snacks, your fridge food or drinking your drinks. In addition, you may want to store leftovers or keep drinks cold- but just for your own items, away from your roommates. An additional college mini fridge will help you maintain your own privacy and control over exactly what’s yours. Our affiliated list of the best ten college fridge will help you meet your requirements to find the best college fridge at a reasonable price.

1. Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact Single Reversible College Refrigerator

Mechanical temperature adjustment ranges from -2′ to 2′ Celsius (32′ to 35.6’fahrenheit). Large storage areas excellent at chilling beverages and healthy snacks/produce, however cannot be used for storing frozen foods or making ice cubes. Features Adjustable Legs and a Reversible Door that can Open from Left or Right. Min/Max Frozen Food Section-32~50. External Product Dimensions: 17.7 x 18.6 x 19.4″ Note: The internal walls of the main compartment are.

2. RCA RFR322-B 3.2 Cu Ft Single Door College Mini Fridge with Freezer RFR322

Fridge dimensions: 17-1/2” D x 18.5/8” W x 31.5/8” H | 84 L – 3.2 cu. Ft. inner space | Product weight: 50.7 lbs. | Freezer capacity: 0.2 cu. Ft. | Refrigerant type: R134a, 1.77 Oz/50g. Reversible Door makes it easy to fit this in any spot of your room.

3. BLACK+DECKER BCRK17B Compact College Fridge

1 Full Width Glass shelf, 1 Full Width and 1 Half Width Door Shelf accommodates 2 Liter and Tall Bottles, Adjustable Thermostat Control and Leveling Legs offer ultimate versatility, Full Width Freezer Compartment with Ice Cube Tray, Reversible Door and Space Saving Flat Back Design lets you fit it just about anywhere.

4. RCA 1.6-1.7 Cubic Foot College Fridge

1.7 Cubic Foot Mini Fridge (Black), Adjustable Thermostat and Compressor Cooling for ultimate performance even in hot weather, Space Saving Flush Back Design,Reversible Door (Allows for Right or Left Opening), Door Basket for 2 Liter Bottles; Ice Cube Chamber with Tray,Low energy consumption.

5. Midea WHS-121LB1 Refrigerator, 3.3 Cubic Feet,

Includes separate freezer compartment for foods that need extra chilling | However cannot be used for Storing Frozen Foods or making ice cubes, Product dimensions – 17.7” D x 18.6” W x 33.9” H | Refrigerator capacity – 3.3 Cubic. Feet | Weight – 39.5 lbs. | Voltage – 120V | Temperature range – 32ᵒ to 35.6ᵒ Fahrenheit | Noise rating – 42 dB.

6. Igloo FR100 College Fridge

1.7 Cubic Foot Mini Fridge (Black), Adjustable Thermostat and Compressor Cooling for ultimate performance even in hot weather, Space Saving Flush Back Design, Reversible Door (Allows for Right or Left Opening), Door Basket for 2 Liter Bottles; Ice Cube Chamber with Tray.

7. Supernon Galanz 1.7 cu ft Compact College Refrigerator, Black

Color: Black 1.7 Cu. Ft. capacity Product Dimensions: 19.09″ L x 17.48″ W x 19.49″ H Package Dimensions: 20.98″ x 19.29″ x 22.05″ Single Door 1 wire shelf, slide-out Compressor with R600a coolant Half-Width Chiller Reversible Door Mechanical Thermostat 2 adjustable leveling legs D.O.E. Energy Efficiency.

8. GZ 2.7 cubic foot compact dorm refrigerator

Built with the college in mind, this mini fridge is larger than many on this list, offering 2.7 cubic ft capacity, Separate ice cube chamber, Compressor cooling, Black, Dimensions: 19″W x 20″D x 25″H.

9. NewAir AB-850 84-Can Beverage Cooler for College Room

2.2 cubic foot spacious beverage center holds up to 84 cans, Cools down to a chilly 34 degrees Fahrenheit, lower than other beverage coolers, ensuring your beverages are perfectly frosty, 5 easily removable chrome racks help you fit cans or bottles of various sizes and shapes, Sleek, stylish black and stainless steel design complements any home decor, Freestanding design fits in many spaces at 17″ Long by 18.5″ Wide by 25.20″ High.

10. Uber Appliance UB-XL1-RED Chill 12 Can Retro for College Room

Uber Chill XL retro beverage cooler portable desktop fridge 12 can capacity 9 liters good for bedroom, college room office, nursery, car, boat or RV portable mini warmer and cooler. Mini personal fridge holds up to twelve 12-oz. cans or nine 500-mL. bottles. Cooling Capacity: 40ºF-45ºF below ambient temperature / Warming Capacity: 150ºF. Plugs into 12V car cigarette lighter or Home outlet (Built in AC/DC transformer) Both cords included, it is a 12v DC/ 110v AC portable cooler. 

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Best College Products

The Best College Whiteboard

The whiteboard is one of the most traditional tools of teaching, a handy upgrade from the old chalkboard, and found in most of your classrooms today. They’re great because of the fast way to both add and remove information on the fly – a easy way to keep notes, to dos, or other reminders for your roommate or significant other. For your college room, a small white board will be a great way to help you stay organized and on track to reaching different goals or assignments you may have. Here’s our affiliated top ten list with the best college whiteboard.

1. U Brands Magnetic Dry Erase 3-in-1 Calendar College White Board, 16 x 20 Inches

The premium magnetic dry erase surface is highly durable, never stains or ghosts, erases easily and duals as a bulletin board with magnet included. Track all your college college activities. The built in cork strip is perfect for pinning notes, messages, pictures, memos, calendars, menus, reminders and more.

2. XBoard Dry Erase College Whiteboard 36″ x 24″, Magnetic Whiteboard 4 Months Semester Calendar

Large Double-Sided Reversible Dry Erase Boards gives you double the space to write and display visual aids. Magnetic dry erase surface duals as a bulletin board by using magnets to pin notes, messages, pictures, memos, calendars and more. Mount the 36″ x 24″ whiteboard vertically or horizontally with attached mounting hardware.

3. XBoard 24 x 18 Inch Large Magnetic Dry Erase College Room Boards Set

Medium size for college room. High grade sturdy aluminum frame is built with Nylon corners, with no sharp or pointed edges. Perfect for kids drawing. Premium 8 accessories(1 magnetic dry eraser, 3 dry erase markers and 4 Power Push Pin Magnets) make it convenient and practical to use together with the 24″ x 18″ whiteboard.

4. Magnetic 11” x 14” Small Dry Erase Board.

Small college friendly white board. Great for weekly and monthly planning. This Whiteboard is 11” x 14″ It has an easy mounting system and can hang with the included double sided tape or mounting hardware. The double sided tape is a 10 second mounting process !

5. VIZ-PRO College Dry Erase Board/Whiteboard, Non-Magnetic, 36 X 24 Inches

Overall size: 36″ x 24″ ( frame included); Writing surface size: 34″ x 22″. Smooth and durable non-magnetic writing surface, easily dry wipe with all dry-erase markers. Silver finished aluminium frame, ABS plastic corner with screw-fixing in corners.

6. College Room Whiteboard Bulletin Board Combo

Contains 1 combo whiteboard bulletin board + 1 magnetic dry eraser + 2 magnetic black markers + 2 magnets + 10 colored pins. Landscape layout only. REMINDER: The whiteboard part is covered by protective plastic film. Before use, cut along the board frame and tear off the film from the corner. Exact size of the board is 24″ x 18″. Movable hanging hooks allow to adjust hanging distance easily. Attachable marker tray is also included to keep dry-erase markers, erasers and other board accessories handy.

7. Office Marshal® Professional Magnetic Dry Erase Board for College Room

Scratch resistant, impermeable surface, suitable for commercial use. Unique lacquer prevents marker ink from penetrating to the inner layers, preventing staining. Anodizing is a method of increasing the natural thickness of the metal by enhancing the natural oxidization process, making it even harder and resistant to corrosion over time – Plastic corners for hidden screw fixing adds a professional lightweight finish to the sturdy frame.

10. Magnetic Whiteboard, 17″ x 23″ Small College White Board for Wall

The Combo White Magnetic Memo board is excellent for back to school, whether it be college or kindergarten, but also the college room. It works year round as a fun organizational piece of décor. Pins, markers, magnets and magnetic note holder included.

9. Dooley Boards Aluminum Framed Magnetic College Dry Erase Board

Dooley Boards 1824MBMGA Magnetic Markerboard, Aluminum Framed, 18×24, with rail

10. College Whiteboard Set – Dry Erase Board 12 x 12 “

Contains 1 whiteboard + 1 magnetic dry eraser + 2 magnetic black markers + 2 magnets. Best value. REMINDER: The board is covered by protective plastic film. Before use, cut along the board frame and tear off the film from the corner. Exact size of the board is 11.8″ x 11.8″. Movable hanging hooks allow to adjust hanging distance easily. Attachable marker tray is also included to keep dry-erase markers, erasers and other board accessories handy.

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Best College Products

The Best College Speaker

Your college room will take many different personas over the year. It will be your study, your place of rest, and your recluse. It can also be a club, a party room, a social setting where friends gather and be merry. It could be a room for quiet intimate conversation, or a room for loud karaoke. In all scenarios, there is a desire to set a mood, whether it be tranquil or ‘turn up’, and a college speaker can help you play the song for the occasion. While full on sound systems may be a noise-complaint generating nuisance, a good college speaker will allow you to improve any atmosphere, without being too loud to have the RA called due to the earthquake you’re causing. Here’s our affiliated Dorm Essentials list of top 10 with the best college speaker for your college room.

1. Logitech Z207 2.0 Multi Device Stereo College Speaker (Black)

Experience music, videos, movies and games in room-filling sound. Z207 stereo speakers take your computer’s audio quality to a new level. The four-driver design creates the perfect balance between the mid and high tones while two passive radiators deliver rich bass. Listen via Bluetooth or a wired connection and seamlessly switch between them with the Logitech Easy-Switch feature.

2. Bose Companion 2 Series College Speakers III

Love playing music, games and videos on your computer? Wait until you try it with the Companion 2 Series III multimedia speaker system. You’ll enjoy performance that’s significantly better than your original speakers—and it’s our most affordable computer speaker system.

3. Logitech Z623 200 Watt College Room Speaker System

Logitech speaker system z623 with thx-certified 2.1 system delivers big, bold sound with 200 watts (rms) of power-from your music, movies, and games.

4. Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV College Sound Bar

A PREMIUM ULTRA-SLIM DORM SOUND BAR WITH INCLUDED WIRELESS SUBWOOFER – 5 powerful full-range drivers deliver BEAUTFUL RICH SOUND WITH DEEP BASS. POLK’S EXCLUSIVE VOICE ADJUST TECHNOLOGY & Dolby Digital Decoding maximizes sound clarity & reduces voice delays

5. Cyber Acoustics 2.1 College Bluetooth Speakers with LED Lights

COLORFUL ROOM FILLING SOUND: Match the color of your gear, your college room, or your mood with this powerful and dynamic 2.1 sound system. Easily connect via bluetooth or a 3.5mm audio cable.

6. Cyber Acoustics 2.1 Computer College Speaker with Subwoofer

Bold, rich and powerful sound, one of Cyber Acoustics’ best selling three-piece multimedia computer gaming system, with crystal clear highs and thunderous bass performance. Housed in an acoustically balanced wood cabinet, the subwoofer instills a solid, deep, clean sound experience no matter what you’re listening to. Equipped with a convenient system control pod to turn the speakers on and off, with LED power indicator ring. It allows for master volume and bass volume control for the subwoofer with the turn of a finger. The control pod houses a convenient headphone output jack and a 3.5mm aux-in for quick connection to all your devices. Perfect for music listening, movie watching, or gaming.

7. Avantree Desktop Bluetooth College Computer Speakers

Avantree SP750 is a 2-in-1 Bluetooth and wired PC speaker. It delivers an amazing sound. Easy to pair with any desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone.

8. Edifier R980T 4″ Active Bookshelf College Speakers

The R980T stereo speakers offer a sound that is full of presence and depth. Designed for enhanced bass the R980T bookshelf speaker system is calibrated with a flared bass reflex port. Resulting in rich detailed sound that will take your breath away. This flared bass reflex port is encased in a 100% medium-density fiberboard wooden enclosure. The wooden accent encompassing the full package of the R980T compliment both a home and office setting.

9. Klipsch ProMedia College Desktop Speakers 2.1

The ProMedia 2.1 THX-Certified, three-piece computer audio system from Klipsch transforms your desktop into a high-performance audio entertainment center. Two 35-watt satellite speakers deliver full-bodied stereo sound, while a floor-thumping 130-watt subwoofer provides low-end slam from your favorite music, games, and movies, reaching down to an impressive 31 Hz.

10. YAMAHA SR-B20A College Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofers and Bluetooth

Built-in subwoofers for deep bass in one slim sound bar, Clear Voice for enhanced dialogue clarity, DTS Virtual: X virtual 3D surround sound, Bluetooth streaming that allows easy switching between two devices, Simple setup with HDMI or optical.

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Best College Products

Best Hanging Picture Frames

College, and especially, freshmen year, will be filled with incredible amounts of joy, new friendships, and experiences. When you take so many pictures, then you need a hanging picture frame in the college room to show the memories. Whether it’s with your roommates, classmates, or a new special somebody, you’re bound to have pictures commemorating one of the most jubilant times of your life. We’ve gone through and found the best hanging picture frame from our favorite affiliated hanging picture frames that will let you easily track these memories both in your college, and then to wherever you move to next!

1. Olakee Photo Display Picture Frame Collage College Photo Display with 20 Clips

UNIQUE DIY Heart Shape Picture Frames refresh your college room decoration, play with your creativity; Create exclusive fantasy space, perfect to display your beautiful memories; Please follow the instructions with manual.

2. MAGGIFT College Hanging Photo Display

It is a big surprise to find the hanging frame have a nice rustic appearance with a scent of wood when you open the packing box. Then you will find it is super easy to install,you just connect the 6 small woods into 2 long woods, hang the full set on the wall in minutes. Now you will find it is the perfect way to keep actual printed photos without locking them away in a book or splashing the digital image on a screen. It includes matching little clothespins that hold the photos just right.

3. Reimagine College Hanging Photo Display

Bring personality to your walls and make it your own! Stylishly showcase your photos, Instax, Polaroids, artwork, designs, greeting cards, notes and more with the Reimagine Hanging Photo Display. The Reimagine Hanging Photo Display is perfect for college rooms, nurseries, kids rooms, offices, or the control center of your home. It’s so lightweight, you can hang it with adhesive tape so you won’t damage walls and it’s easy to hang and rehang wherever life takes you. Premium, Stylish and Versatile Design Designed with style and versatility in mind since you will be showcasing it in your space.

4. Photo Hanging Display for College Room Wall Decor

Simple design, super easy to assemble and install. Pictures hang by clips, super easy to change out, great for rotating pictures display! The picture display panel allows you to display a lot of pictures or prints, artworks with 30 clips provided, and enables you to design the way it is mounted or placed on the wall according to your own aesthetic since it can be divided and adjusted manually. Perfect for hanging photos, holiday cards, children’s artwork, or whatever lightweight crafty/decorative items you desire.It also make a great decoration for birthday party, wedding Christmas Halloween parties Great for wall decor of living room, bedroom, stairway, kitchen, college, office etc.

5. Love-KANKEI Wood Picture College Photo Frame for Wall Decor 26×29 inch with 30 Clips

Multi Photo Display – The wood photo frame comes with 30 “clothespins”, 6 short wood pieces and 5 twine cords, which satisfies multi pictures display. Wonderful Decoration – Great way to organize and display pictures, casual and neat design; fun and unique way to liven up your home, office or college room. Easy Assembling and Mounting – Just connect the woods to be a frame and hang it on the wall; mounting hardwares included; suitable for both horizonal and vertical wall mounting.

6. 40 LED Wooden Photo Clips String Light for College Picture Display

It is not just a showcase of pictures or artworks, but also a perfect tool to recall one’s unforgettable and wonderful memory with HAYATA 40 LED Wooden Photo Clip String Lights. They are ideal for hanging photos, holiday cards, children’s artwork, or whatever lightweight crafty/decorative items you desire.

7. 30 LED Photo Clips String Lights for College Room

Light Up your room and add your own personal touch with this set of Led Photo Clip String Lights. It can be put or hung on walls, windows, doors, floors, ceilings, grasses, trees etc. No matter indoor or outdoor. It is not just a display of pictures and photos, but also a perfect tool to recall one’s unforgettable and wonderful memory with this LED Photo Clip String Lights. Now, enjoy your life with our String Lights!

8. 20 LED Photo Clips College String Lights

Light Up your room and add your own personal touch with this set of Led Photo Clip String Lights. It can be put or hung on walls, windows, doors, floors, ceilings, grasses, trees etc. No matter indoor or outdoor. It is not just a display of pictures and photos, but also a perfect tool to recall one’s unforgettable and wonderful memory with this LED Photo Clip String Lights. Now, enjoy your life with our String Lights!

9. College Photo Hanging display with 40 Clip by HAYATA

Change out images easily to create a new style of Holiday decor any time you want. Pin reminders, inspirational quotes or photos from last weekend all in one flexible space. Use it at a wedding ceremony or birthday party as a seating plan display or a place for guests to write their well wishes. Showcase photos of special memories from the past for guests to enjoy during cocktail hour.

10. LED Photo Display String Lights for College Room with on/off Timer

It measures 15ft/4.5m long, with clothespins spaced 8in/20cm between each other, enough space for most photos and artworks. Clothespin measures 0.6 by 2.2 in. or 1.5 by 5.5 cm. Extension cord to the battery box measures 5 ft/1.5m long. This is especially helpful if you are hanging your lights high up on the wall and need to hide your battery box somewhere else. We know how unnecessarily inconvenient it is to have to change batteries from time to time. Now with timer function on, those lights can last for up to 3 weeks with 3 AA batteries, greatly reduced the frequency of changing batteries.

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