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At College Dorm Reviews, we’ve build an index of almost every dorm in the united states to help you read and write reviews about your dorms! As a freshman, housing is one of the first things you need to figure out after determining which school you will attend. A lot of universities offer choices among students as to which student housing they wish to live in. As a result, it is important to be able to compare different dorms to help inform your future choice. At college dorm reviews, we’ve created dorm ratings based on the following criteria:

Dorm Room Size: Not all dorms are created equal, with different buildings being built at different times, resulting in different room sizes. While rooms will often vary based on how many people they are intended for (1,2,3,4), suites will often be the largest if offered.

Dorm Bathrooms: Dorm bathrooms are often cooed, and are different sized with regards to shower stalls, bathroom stalls & sinks. These differences matter when you need to rush to class in the morning but all the stalls are taken.

Dorm Common Areas: Some dorms offer common areas such as lounges or kitchens where you can hang out and play games with friends. Since all dorms are different, not all dorms offer a common area.

Dorm Party Scene: Different dorms have different reputations, some schools offer zero tolerance dorms for those interested in a more conservative experience, so the party scene in each dorm will differ depending on the residents.

Dorm Quietness: Not all dorm walls are created equal, with some thinner than others, meaning you can hear everything your neighbors are up to. If your dorm is also on a busy street, you may hear much more noise.

Dorm Meal Options: Part of your residence plan will often include meal credits to a nearby food court or school run cafeteria. Different cafeterias around campus have different reputations for food quality, so the cafeteria closest to your dorm will mean your meal options will vary depending on dorm.

If you have lived in any of these dorms, please leave a review or comment to help future students pick their dorms with accurate college dorm reviews!